Why Work With First Focus Productions?

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Work with First Focus and the best videographers in NYC.

If your business is looking for videographers with talent, experience, and professionalism, you’ve come to the right place. At First Focus Productions, our team is dedicated to serving the hard-working companies of the New York City area. While our job is to create amazing, top quality video content, we are also invested in your success. Need a little more convincing? Well, here are a couple of reasons that you are going to want to work with First Focus.

Experience Unlike Any Other

More than any other shooter in New York, our experience is extensive. We’ve literally worked with hundreds of businesses around the city. During that time, our team has honed their skills at creating exciting and captivating video content. So, when it comes to your business, we know the right way to portray what you do on screen.

We capture to the best parts of your business and consult with you to gain a better understanding of what your business represents. Want to see how much work we’ve done? You can check out the videos we’ve created for the clients we’ve worked with on our YouTube page.

First Focus Offers a Variety of Services

Video marketing isn’t just about making a commercial. Your business has to create the right video for the right platform and audience. At First Focus, we understand the need to create targeted videos. That’s why our services are catered to what you need. Let’s give you a general idea of everything we offer.

Our Services

  • Business Profile Videos – Out all the type of work that we do, business profile videos are the most common. These videos give a brief, but engaging overview of who you are and what you do.
  • Crowdfunding, Go Fund Me, Crowdsourcing – Inspired by crowdfunding projects, we decided to provide video services to those who are trying to reach their goal. Our crowd funding videos will be the edge you need to make your project a reality.
  • Instructional Videos – We can create instructional videos for employee training purposes or for product support. With these videos, it’s easier for your audience to learn about what you do or how your products work.
  • Testimonial Content – As a business, your loyal customers and clients are willing to vouch for your services. Why not have them do it one camera? Testimonial videos give an honest look at your products and services.
  • Sales Videos – If you are rolling out a specific product or service, then a sales video is what you want. With this video, we can help you reach your audience and sell your product.
  • Social Media Content – Need clips and engaging content to gain more followers. We can film impactful short clips and videos to help you gain followers on social channels.
  • Animated Explainers – Our animated explainers are a great way of turning complex ideas into something simple, innovative and fun.
  • Infographic Videos – Your next presentation can be in the form of a video to convey key information to clients and consumers.
  • Corporate Events – We can provide marketing videos and presentation for your next trade show or event. You can draw the attention of everyone passing by your booth.
  • YouTube Channels – We can build a space for you on YouTube, including a channel and monthly content that’s fully optimized to get your videos seen.

Contact First Focus

If you are ready to work with us at First Focus, give us a call at (844) NYC-FOCUS. Talk with one of our consultants, so that we can get a better idea of what you want to create.